Micro System - Catalogue

More and more falling parts are automated due to increasing quality demands. Small space or the manageable weight cause special challenges. The new micro system from ASS Maschinenbau closes the gap.

Download: Micro System Catalogue

Many gripper parts for the niche

AngusstrennungWith a clamping diameter of 6 millimeters, the Micro System is significantly smaller and lighter than the smallest system with a clamp diameter of 10 millimeters. The Micro System is used wherever small injection molding machines or even small linear handling and other miniature machines are used and there is little space in the mold. With the new system, even the smallest components, which were previously falling parts, can now be handled easily.


The ASS Robot Hand Kit (EOAT) already has numerous Micro System gripper parts designed for small components and confined spaces: over 60 gripper parts enable the construction of very small grippers.

The available gripper parts include gripper GRZ 06-06 in standard design or with EP coating, various clamping pieces and elbow arms as well as a selection of micro suction devices, among others: an antistatic series.