VDMA-Piracy Study 2020

The recently published study by the VDMA shows that product piracy and plagiarism cause damage of 7.6 million Euros per year.

ASS OriginalteileIt is not always easy to distinguish original components from copies. This can be dangerous for the user - especially with active components. According to the VDMA study, 70 percent of plagiarisms harbor dangers to people or the environment. Due to the lack of product development and extensive long-term tests, immature copies and replicas can become a danger to people and machines.

As a long-time member of the VDMA, we naturally attach great importance to always offering the customer the best quality and the latest technology.

ASS gripper parts are developed, constructed and produced in Overath, Germany. The gripper parts have been extensively tested and checked in the laboratory before they are put into practice, and only then will they be put into practice. Modern manufacturing centers enable optimal production of our ASS gripper parts and customer-specific special components.

Link: VDMA-Piracy Study 2020

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