Facility of ASS Maschinenbau ASS Maschinenbau GmbH was founded in 1983. Around 100 employees in Overath and partners worldwide develop intelligent solutions for various tasks in the fields of automation and robotics. All affected products take into account the EC Machinery Directive. In addition, the quality management of the company is DIN ISO 9001:2008 certified.

The product range includes grippers parts, robotic tooling, automation systems, PA-Forming, FRP handling, vision systems and other services. ASS provides needs-oriented solutions around injection moulding and automation for manufacturers and suppliers of automotive and plastic injection moulding industry.

ASS End-of-Arm-Tooling

Robot Hand Kit (EOAT)

The ASS Robot Hand Kit consists of 1,500 gripper components, including the grippers, vacuum cups, and profiles. The gripper components are available in three different sizes, all of which are compatible with one another.
We continue to develop and improve our components: many specially designed components have become standard.

ASS Robotic Tooling

Robotic Tooling

We conceptualize, construct, and complete robot hands to meet your requirements. Using both our standard gripper components, and customized parts for special needs, we can provide you with a individual robot hand solution.
To satisfy the demand for customized handling tasks, we integrate carbon parts and use our Laser Sintering machine.

ASS Automation Systems

Automation Systems

Our automation systems enable our customers to increase production efficiency and reliability, while simultaneously reducing costs and ensuring consistent quality.
Upon customer request, customized automation systems can also include the robotic integration, as well as programming.

ASS PA-Forming

3D-Printing / PA-Forming

We utilize a SLS rapid prototyping process to generate custom gripping devices. Material handling of small parts with a complex geometry is always a challenge. We developed PA Forming, a process using SLS Selective Laser Sintering to manufacture custom gripping devices. Our PA Forming components can be integrated into our traditional product line.

ASS FRP Handling

FRP Handling

We develop tailored solutions for handling ultra-lightweight components made of fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP). In particular, the handling of carbon fiber reinforced plastic parts (CFRP) is another core competency of ASS.

ASS Vision Systems

Vision Systems

We utilize a vision system which is integrated into the quality inspection and the robot motion controller. By using high-precision cameras with professional optics efficiency and product quality are increased with simultaneous cost savings.


ASS Group

ASS Maschinenbau GmbH ASS Maschinenbau GmbH

ASS Maschinenbau GmbH

Overath, Germany
ASS End of Arm Tooling, Inc. ASS End of Arm Tooling, Inc.

ASS End of Arm Tooling, Inc.

Plymouth, USA
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