Quick changing system, parallel gripper and gripper from the ASS Robot Hand Kit (EOAT)

Gripper parts of the highest quality and precision:
The ASS Robot Hand Kit (EOAT)

We have developed a modular, mechatronic EOAT system for your requirements. You can use it to put together your own gripping tool with ease. The modular system is so simple that a complex robot hand that meets your requirements can be mounted from our gripper parts in a short time.

With a variety of more than 2,000 catalog items, you can design and mount the required gripper to fit exactly for your tasks. Our production in Overath enables us to react quickly  and our warehouse is a guarantee for a high ability to deliver. The 3D data in step format is available to you on our online portal.

To the online portal: ASS Robot Hand Kit (EOAT)

According to your requirements, we use our gripper parts, such as angular gripper/runner chucks, parallel grippers, vacuum components, cutting pliers, profiles and various connecting elements, to design end-of-arm-toolings for handling your products and integrate them into your automation system.

Extensive and flexible spectrum

The ASS robot hand construction kit offers the user a wide range of applications for the most diverse industrial areas of automation. The gripper parts of the ASS Robot Hand Kit (EOAT) are used for gripping tools, processing stations and other manipulators in the automotive and commercial vehicle industry, e-mobility, the construction industry, medical technology or, for example, electrical and sanitary engineering.

Our gripper parts are available in different size series, all of which are coordinated and compatible with each other. The spectrum for the basic structure ranges from the micro-system for the smallest lightweight grippers, through our well-known X-profile to the stable K-profile for the construction of frames or cutting stations, for example. Rounded off - in the truest sense of the word - the basic gripper structure in the robot hand construction kit is rounded off with our tubular system. A basic structure made of 3D printed materials can also be realized for the ultimate lightweight construction with sufficient stability.

The mechatronic components have clamping diameters of six to 30 millimeters and compatible connecting elements in order to offer the user a maximum range of applications with just a few components. Our pneumatic components achieve clamping forces from six to over 7,500 Newtons in their respective areas of application. The following are some key data from our construction kit catalogue:

The classic quick-change systems SWM series Handling weights up to 60 kg
The round quick changers SWH series Handling weights up to 40 kg
The light profile L profile e.g. for small grippers up to 1kg
The construction profile K-Profile e.g. for heavy racks or cutting stations
The tubular system R Profile for building tubular EOAT
Different clamp diameters Smallest diameter 6 millimeters Largest diameter 30 millimeters
The smallest gripper/runner chuck
GRZ 06-06 Micro Closing force 6 Newton
The "hot" gripper/runner chuck
GRZ 10-12 R HT loadable up to 150 degrees Celsius
The strongest gripper/runner chuck
Series of GRZ 25, GRZ 32 as well as the HUZ 25 and HUZ 32 Closing force 350 Newton
The particularly precise grippers Parallel gripper PGR-P Closing/opening forces up to 350 Newton
The smallest sprue cutter ASN 3 AR Closing force 294 Newton
The strongest sprue cutter ASN 50 ARK and ASN 50 HRK Closing force 7,742 Newton

Individual constructions and special solutions

Of course, application-specific special constructions of gripper parts are also possible according to your requirements. For this purpose, our ASS standard components are combined with special parts and custom-made products to hybrid solutions according to customer requirements. For example, 3D-printed components made of polyamide or onyx material, lightweight components made of carbon or gripping elements coated with EP, PTFE or flock can be integrated.

Many special solutions for gripper parts have been included in our catalog over time as standard gripper parts and have thus contributed to expanding the range in a user-oriented manner.

Quality from our own production

Our gripper parts are all designed, developed and produced on site at our certified climate-neutral site in Overath. In order to keep this sustainable quality up to date and up-to-date, our product range is continuously being further developed and optimised. Our quality management has of course been certified according to ISO 9001:2015 for many years and all affected products comply with the EC Machinery Directive or have a declaration of conformity and/or declaration of incorporation.

Handling sticky material safely
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Handling sticky material safely

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Gripper arms with internal spring - GIF U and GIF UT

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Blue Scale Mountings für Sprue Cutters

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